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Bluetooth a Safe to Use?

With all of the controversy about using cell phones and whether or not it's safe to do so, the next wireless device that is used very close to the head is now Bluetooth devices such as the headsets used along with cell phones.  After all, with the speed at which these new technologies are always being added to the market, it's natural to start wondering if they've been tested thoroughly enough to trust them. 

Bluetooth headsets for mobiles are a form of wireless device that use short-range radio transmissions instead of wires.  Since they use the same frequency range as microwave ovens, it's not hard to come up with a reason why people are doubtful as to the safety of their long-term use.

According to official sources, though, the transmitting power of these tiny Bluetooth devices is simply far too weak to be either noticeable or dangerous to humans.  The radiation from the signals is not in the form of a single concentrated beam shot directly into the head, but is instead a signal that is dispersed relatively evenly in most directions away from the device.  Therefore, while there is some absorption of these radio transmissions by the body, they're so weak that they do not penetrate far enough to do anything, and they are not intense enough to damage what they do reach. 

Though microwaves use the same frequency, they use it at a much stronger level, allowing heating to become possible.  In fact, microwave oven signals are up to a million times stronger than those utilized by Bluetooth technology.

The  primary hazard that has been found is for people who are overly sensitive to electromagnetic radiations.  This is not a common sensitivity, but for some, long exposure to stronger electromagnetic radiation fields can make them feel discomfort after years of exposure.

Bluetooth technology has not been on the market long enough to show us whether or not it can cause this same kind of problem.  Only time will tell if Bluetooth transmissions will be powerful enough to impact these individuals.  Only in the future will we know whether or not the devices with this technology are truly safe to use.

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