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Finding Ownership Information For Landlines

Websites such as,, and are entities which attempt to simulate your common everyday telephone directory online. Why kill a tree and get your pudgy fingers all inky rifling through your phonebook when you can simply type in a name and location and get the number you want back in seconds?

These sites also allow you to type in a number and get the owner's name and address back. This feature in particular is a step up from your standard paper directory. Sure, you could still conduct a reverse search using your phonebook, but it will take considerably longer and most likely end in an explanation of the acronym LASIK.

In general, the more specific you are about who you're looking up the fewer hits you're liable to turn up using these free sites. Try using last names and zip codes first as your identifiers. This way you will be able to bring up a list of possible matches. If you simply fill in every field requested you're apt to get no results (e.g. if you have part of the name or street misspelled). So start broad and then narrow down.

One somewhat disconcerting aspect of sites such as those mentioned above are their preponderance of ads and offers. If they do not have the data you're after clicking on an ad will oftentimes bring you to a pay site. Some of these sites may have the information you're after, and some may not. But what you're bound to notice is the funnel effect of your experience on whitepages sites.

While sites like are very useful and reputable, the amount and frequency of information they can return is somewhat limited. In an ideal scenario you would type in a name or number and get either a name or number back. Even if you get a hit every time you may want a fleshier report for your investment of five seconds of your life. That is understandable.

Some sites, like, provide all that the previously mentioned sites can deliver while dishing out a lot of additional data per click. Entering a number here can turn up not just a name and address, but previous addresses, household members, etc. In addition, this site is geared (as strange as it may seem after reading its name) at turning up ownership information for cell phones. This particular category of line type is not a strong point when it comes to the others out there. Bonus!

All in all, finding ownership info for landlines and cells can be handily supplemented with You are guaranteed not to get a paper cut, and your wallet will not bleed either. Always a good thing!

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