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Hide Your Nubmer With Google Voice

In this day and age, it is incredibly easy to use a cell phone look up service to find someone's telephone information. If someone has a cell device, odds are good that you can find it. There are many valid reasons to look up someone's cell information using such a service. Whether you need to contact a coworker in emergency, want to get back in contact with an old friend, or want to figure put who is calling you, modern services can do so with relative ease. Indeed, we live in a world connected, and staying in touch with each other, finding contacts, and digging up personal information is increasingly easier.

However amazing this is, with this power, though, comes great risk: if you can find someone else's telephone contact information easily using phone number search tools, then can't someone just as easily look up your information as well?

The answer, of course, is "Yes." Given the power of cell telephone tracker tools, it is never safe to simply assume that your contact information is truly private. Just about anyone can find your telephone contact information using reverse search services. However, you can take reasonable precautions to ensure that your phone number is as private as possible. One such precaution is to start using a Google Voice anonymous contact number with all except the most trusted individuals in your life. Keep in mind, though, that any method to safeguard your contact information can only go so far.

Google Voice Can Prevent Cell Number Look Up Abuse

Ever since Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) was released, users, have loved its simplicity and ease-of-use. Google Voice works as a central calling point which will ring all of your phone numbers simultaneously. By using a free Google Voice phone number as your central point of contact, you can avoid giving away your real cell telephone or landline number to people when you meet them.

So, you might ask, why exactly is this valuable? And how can it help me?

Because, with Google Voice, if someone does ascertain your information using a  cell lookup service or other similar tool, you can simply block their incoming calls. By using Google Voice as your primary point of contact, you will have much more control over who can or cannot contact you on your cell device. With most mobile phone providers, you must pay extra in order to block unscrupulous individuals' telephone information if they harass you. For some people, this might be worth it. You will have to assess your own personal needs to determine whether or not this is something important to you.

Limitations of Google Voice's Cell Information Tracker Protection

Using Google Voice to shield your real telephone information from contact information search tools is not without its limitations, however. As mentioned previously, Google Voice should only be seen as a buffer to shield your own private contact information, and is by no means a be all end all solution to this problem.

If you are truly concerned with privacy, you should get in contact with your telecommunication service provider regarding privacy protection services. Most telecommunication service providers allow you to remove your cell contact information from public listing and cell information look up services. This action, combined with keeping your personal contact information private by solely using a Google Voice number as your inbound number. If you don't give away your contact information and prevent individuals from looking up your number, then you'll have a safe (if not flawless and impenetrable) barrier-to-entry for those who want to look up your private information.

Keeping Your Telecom Number Information Private: Difficult, But Possible

We live in a transparent world. Keeping personal information private is difficult, but not impossible, with the right precautions. While those who are truly hell-bent on finding a way to get in contact with you by using some sort of telephone or contact information lookup tool will surely find a way to do so, keeping your private information close to your chest, removing your number from public listings, and using a Google Voice number with all but your most trusted friends, family members, and coworkers will allow you to keep your number as private as possible. For many people, it is increasingly important to keep some sort of privacy in this fast-paced, digital age; fortunately, and somewhat ironically, the same modern technology that enables us to find each other and stay in contact can be used to help us maintain our privacy as well.

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