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What Is A Cross Phone Directory

A cross telephone directory can be an essential tool for tracking someone down, especially if you're working with limited information, like just an address or mobile number. Cross phone directories can be accessed in person, often at public libraries, or online.

What Is A Cross Telephone Directory?

A cross phone directory, sometimes called a criss cross phone directory, is a special type of telephone book that typically, in its physical state, covers a particular geographical area, such as a town, city, county or state. This isn't a regular contacts directory, but lists addresses by area in alphabetical order, with each street number listed in order. This is helpful if you only have an address at your disposal.

The other section of this type of directory's data is the part that lists telephone numbers in numerical order, beginning with the prefix. This way, you simply scan the list until you find the cell number you're looking for.

In both cases, reciprocal information is listed by the information. For example, the person's number will list the name and address, and the address will show the name and contact number of the person(s) belonging to it.

Reasons To Cross Reference A Phone Number

If you need to find a person, such as a childhood friend or missing relative, or you just want to update your address book, you might want to criss reference contact information as a useful beginning to your search. Often, a telecom contact or address is all you have on hand, so cross-referencing them can help you quickly nail down all the information.

In addition, your criss reference cell data search will also yield the addresses and mobile device contacts of neighbors, since addresses are listed in numerical number by each street. If the person you seek has moved away, you can try and contact former neighbors in the hope that you can learn where that person went.

Another helpful reason to cross reference your findings is because you can learn information about past neighbors if you're searching for someone you haven't seen in a long time, and the address and mobile data you cross reference are outdated. Use the address of a neighbor to find that phone number and try to get a lead using that strategy.

How Do I Start My Search?

Beginning your search for this type of data is easy, especially since many cross directories are available online. Your local public library should also have them available going back many years. In fact, many people researching their family history use these older directories to find out where family members lived and who were their neighbors.

The difference between an online search and a physical, in-person search is mostly just convenience. To most people, call books are obsolete because of the internet. However, on the internet, you won't view the complete list of addresses, in case you want to find neighbors. Otherwise, online searches are faster and less labor intensive, since all you need to do is type in the information you have and wait for the results.

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