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Social media sites -- most notably Facebook, but more recently including other sites such as Google+ -- allow you to find others' numbers for free. This data includes cell device information, which are not typically available for free online or offline. While this can be a remarkable resource to allow you to find a free contact information, it has its limitations.

Should you use a dedicated reverse search and lookup service, or should you use a social networking site? It depends on your needs, situation, and budget, among other things.

What Information Do You Have?

First, when considering whether to use a social networking site or a dedicated reverse mobile search and lookup service, consider what information you have. Do you know the person's name? Or do you only know the number of the person in question? And, more importantly, do you even know the person at all?

If you know the name of the person whose contact information you are trying to find and you know the person, look on Facebook first. Often, people share their private cell phone numbers with their friends on social networking sites.

If you only know a mobile device number and you want to perform a reverse number lookup, use a dedicated service. Since cell phone numbers are considered private information, you will have to pay a nominal fee to perform a reverse cell phone lookup. However, there are three primary benefits to using a reverse lookup and search service to determine who is associated with a particular contact:

  1. The data is likely to be accurate, as the information has been provided by telecommunication carriers.
  2. You do not have to be associated with the holder of the phone number in order to obtain data associated with it. This is particularly useful if you don't know who owns a phone number or if you are only acquainted with the phone number's owner.
  3. You don't have to divulge your personal information to the contact information's owner. Contrast this with adding someone as a friend on Facebook in order to find his or her contact information.

What Is Your Budget For Finding a Mobile Contact?

Are you absolutely, unequivocally opposed to spending money on a reverse search and lookup service? Then you should stick to the social networking sites. While some sites, including Free Phone Tracer, provide land line mobile numbers free of charge (as this information is considered public information), it is economically impossible for sites to provide mobile device information for free. Such directories have to purchase information from the mobile telecommunication carriers.

If, on the other hand, you are willing to pay money for quality reverse cell phone information, use a dedicated reverse lookup service. If you need to know who is calling you, their dependability is worth the expense. Social media mobile lookup services may be free. The old adage, however, is true -- you get what you pay for.

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