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How Many Cell Phone Numbers Are In The US?

When you do a reverse cell phone lookup, you are searching for the owner of one number out of all available cell phone numbers in the country. But how many numbers is that exactly? In fact, today there are more active cell phones in America than there are people. The population of the U. S. is currently 317 million people, while the total number of cell phones in use today is around 330 million. That's more than one cell phone for every man, woman, grade-schooler, and infant in the entire country. 

What's the Total Capacity for Assigned Phone Numbers?

In 1951, when the use of area codes began in North America, there were 86 area codes used for the entire continent. As the demand for cell phones has increased, the number of assigned phone numbers has also grown. In most areas of the country, this demand has outstripped the available phone numbers and new area codes have had to be created. Today there are over 370! Mathematically, 1000 three-digit combinations are possible; however, nearly 300 of those are reserved under the North American Numbering Plan system or are cannot be used for practical reasons.

If 700 area codes could potentially be used, and we also consider all possible 7-digit combinations, we arrive at a total of more than 5.5 billion potential phone numbers!

Interesting Cell Phone Number Facts:

  • The record for the oldest or "most durable" cell phone number in the world is held by David Contorno of Lemont, Illinois. He has held the same number since August 2, 1985 and was one first to subscribe to a cellular network (operated by Ameritech Mobile Communications).
  • Cell phone use is migrating down the age ladder. The average age that children receive their first cell phone is 11.5 years. One study even showed that 10% of 5-year-olds have a cell phone.
  • In 2013, the number of U.S. adults that owned a cell phone exceeded 90% for the first time ever, according to the Pew Research Center. Men were more likely to own a cell phone at 93% vs. women at 88%. 
  • Also, according to Pew Research:  81% of cell phone users send or receive text messages, 60% of users regularly access the Internet on their phones, and 52% use their phones for email.

With so many phone numbers out there, it can be challenging to find the owner of a specific cell phone number and find the name of an unknown caller. Fortunately, Free Phone Tracer makes reverse cell phone lookups simple and effective. Search a phone number today!

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