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Free People Search: Facebook, MySpace & LinkedIn

Trying to reconnect with former acquaintances, friends, family and even drumming up additional business has been revolutionized by the soaring popularity of social network sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. People lookup techniques using social networks are easy and often yield results. Here are some tips for searching the top social network sites.

Find People On Facebook

Performing a Facebook lookup for someone is simple, and being one of the largest social network sites online today, you are most likely to find the person you're looking for.

Facebook makes it easy to look for someone using a name or email address. You can also browse their profile directory. Browsing the directory instead of performing a specific lookup means you are more likely to stumble over a few names you weren't even looking for!

A Facebook search for someone means you can find the profile of a friend or family member and even locate important contact information like home address, phone number and email address. If this contact information is hidden or not listed, you can easily send a message through Facebook to get in touch and find out the contact information you seek.

Search People & Contact Info on MySpace

MySpace is also a large, global-reaching social networking site that unites people from all over the world. Similar to a Facebook person lookup, you can also search MySpace profiles using specific search criteria, such as name or email address, or you can browse a complete directory of all profiles on MySpace.

Once you find the profile you want, simply click on it and scroll down to the contact information section of the profile. Usually, you will find at least an email address, sometimes a home or mobile phone number, and home address as well. If not, just like on Facebook, send that person a message and request contact information so you can properly get back in touch.

Connecting With People On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is geared more towards professionals building a social network that is centered around business interests. For example, an interior designer might by linked to various furniture stores, general contractors, specialty home stores, florists and fabric stores because all of these businesses can feed off each other for both clients and ideas.

LinkedIn limits searches to names only, but finding a profile shouldn't be difficult. Once you find the profile you want, contact information should be readily available, ranging from website to business and personal phone numbers, a fax number and an email address. LinkedIn also shows you possible connections to other profiles of people you might know or whose businesses might be linked to yours as a way to build your network.

Connecting with persons through social media sites is often easy and fun because you never know who you might stumble across in your search for someone else. They also make finding contact information much easier. Better yet, it doesn't cost anything because you can often find what you need right on a person's social media profile - making this a great way to begin your quest for finding someone.

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