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The Power of the Number

It happens to all of us. The phone rings. You go to its cradle to pick it up, but it is not there. Then you check the other cradle. Nothing is there either! You continue chasing the ringing, which now seems to be coming from underneath the couch cushions. By the time you actually manage to answer the dial, the ringing has stopped. And now you are wondering just who was trying to contact you.

So you pick up the phone, navigate to the contact log, and see if you recognize the number. If you recognize it, you call back. If you don't? Perhaps you shrug your shoulders and spend a second hoping that the call wasn't important. Then you put it back where it belongs.

In the past it was impossible to easily identify an unfamiliar number. Today that has changed. All you have to do is type the cell number into an Internet search engine--and if you can't find your answer there, an online reverse number lookup usually does the trick.

If you've been ignoring hang-ups and missed dials, it's worth your time to reconsider. Here are four reasons why you might want to find out who is behind the unfamiliar source on your dial log:

1. To keep tabs on your children. When your child's friend rings and hears an adult on the line, the friend is likely to hang up. Use a reverse phone number lookup service to get more information about persistent "friends." If bullies, bad influences, and that girl who has a crush on your son are calling and hanging up, you need to know. Even if you choose to do nothing, knowing when an acquaintance of your child's is calling your home can alert you to potential problems before they get out of hand.

2. To take advantage of opportunities you would otherwise miss. Are you waiting to hear about an apartment you're dying to rent? Are you a temporary worker who is always waiting for that phone call for the next great job? Whenever a ring is potentially more beneficial to you than the person making the contact, don't let it go. If the caller is going down a list and someone else responds before you do, you're out of luck. Quickly do a cell number lookup and make sure the ring you missed isn't the great news you've been waiting for.

3. To know what's behind a dropped attempt at contact. Cell phones are great until they start dropping your calls. If you are greeted with a dial tone when you answer your telephone, there's a good chance the caller's cell phone simply dropped the call. Use a cell phone reverse phone number lookup to find out who called. If you can't reach the original caller right away because he is driving through a tunnel somewhere, at least you'll know who is looking for you.

4. To keep tabs on telemarketers and scammers. Many telemarketers will simply hang up if they get an answering machine. Using a reverse phone lookup directory can let you know who is calling--and how often you're being contacted. While telemarketers are annoying, scammers are downright dangerous. If you think you have been called by someone who is actively participating in illegal business activities, the cell number lookup becomes even more crucial. You can't take action against the scammer unless you know who is calling. Looking up the number that dialed allows you to do just that.

Always remember, there are good reasons to know exactly who is calling you. When you look at your dial log and see a number you don't recognize, calling back or ignoring it are not your only two options. When you add a reverse phone number lookup to your Internet or Smartphone favorites list, staying informed becomes effortless--and invaluable.

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