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Smarter with Smart Phones

What is a smart phone?

A smart phone is typically a communications device that is "one notch above" an ordinary mobile device, technologically speaking. These devices have their own operating system and are essentially small computing devices, which may one day replace laptop computers.

Does your smart phone improve your life?

Most people would say, "Yes". Being able to be online at all times, while having the capability to communicate to friends and family is a very important benefit to having a smart phone. These new pieces of technology allow people to check their Facebook account or Twitter with just a cell phone signal. The days of being tied to a desktop computer, are no more. You can stay tapped into your favorite social media network - all while being on the go. This is a tremendous advantage to having a smart mobile.

So what are the advantages and drawbacks to having an advanced device?

Let's start with the advantages:

First off, most of these devices can stay online during the calls. Staying online is very important to many people so they can stay connected to their preferred social media network. This is important if you receive a call on your smart device from an unknown mobile number and you want to do a cell number lookup. The capability of an instant phone number search is a huge advantage to having an advanced mobile device. A reverse number search would be virtually impossible to do on a regular cell device without a computer nearby. Solution solved.

Second, these devices can download apps. The current craze is to have the best apps, so your life is made easier. Apps can do a variety of functions, from keeping you up-to-date, to letting you know when your flight is about to take off. Apps are the latest thing, and smart phones are made better with the right ones. Sure, computers can download apps, but you can't always utilize a computer, without some sort of Wi-Fi or internet connection. Apps can be used on data devices - anywhere, anyplace. This is another big advantage to having data device.

Third, smart phones can instantly upload content to the internet. If you record an amazing video in the airport, as you wait for your plane, it can be uploaded straight to YouTube without any delay. You can get on Twitter and tweet about anything at any time, and stay relevant with everyone online. Facebook statuses can be updated during a phone call, if this is your desire. All of these things are possible on a smart phone, which has previously not been possible.

But there are a few drawbacks to these little guys:

First, it takes time to learn how to use them. The upside to this is that there are manuals and books such as Smart Phones For Dummies, that will teach you how to take full advantage of all of their useful features. Not knowing how to use a smart device should not keep you from getting one, because the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks.

Second, it takes time to keep your online presence up-to-date. This drawback is a sign of the times. Life before smart phones allotted us the time to read books, sit around on channel surf, and even walk the dog. Now, we have an e-reader for books, watch instantly streaming content on our intelligent devices, and walk our virtual dogs in Farmville. It takes time to keep profiles updated, software current to its latest version, and "in the know" about what happened to Johnny when he posted his wreck photos on Facebook. If you don't mind spending the time on your smart phone, then the exchange is being connected to the people you care about the most. Just don't neglect the family!

These devices are becoming a normal part of everyday life. Advantages include allowing us to always be online, have life-improving apps, and allowing us to instantly add content to social media sites. The drawback that they are time consuming will always be there, but are heavily outweighed by the many positive advantages of owning a smart phone. So let's embrace this way of staying connected to the social world and let your smart phone work for you today.

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