Free Phone Tracer

Privacy Principles takes your privacy seriously. Here are five guiding principles we operate under:

1. No "forward search" for cell phones - In order to use our services, you must already know a specific cell phone or landline number. Because we don't list numbers in a "directory", telemarketers cannot use our website to find your cell phone number. (We hate phone calls at dinner time just as much as you do!)

2. No phone records or call logs - tells you the listed owner information for a qualified mobile phone or landline number. We do NOT share information about incoming or outgoing calls, text message logs, call duration, etc.

3. No sensitive data - Our databases contain information about U.S. adults only. No information about minors, vulnerable individuals, or residents of other countries. Also, we don't share: social security numbers, medical records, driver's license numbers, financial information, etc.

4. Legitimate use only - To sign up for our website, you must agree to the Terms of Use. Searches must be conducted for legitimate safety and informational purposes only. We believe that people have a right to know who's calling them.

5. Easy opt-out - If for any reason you are uncomfortable having your phone number in our database, we make it simple to opt-out. Just submit this form and your number will be automatically removed.

We pride ourselves on being honest and open with our users. If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear them!